Senin, 19 November 2012

Be Wise!

Trying to motivate ourselves is not always easy, but it is not as difficult as many people think. Many people try to read some motivation books while they are sad or stressed, but others do not. There are some questions need to consider about it. First, the time. Is it the correct time to read that kind of book when we are down? What should we do actually when our feeling is really down and when even we cannot handle it? Second, the place. Where is the right place to choose while we are really upset? Even, when we do not know what to do. Third, the activity. What kind of activity should we do in that situation?

Well, let's get started to answer those three questions.

First, the time. Well, let us close our eyes, take a deep breath and exhale it very slowly. Do not open our eyes until we think that we are ready to read a new thing, that we are ready to open our mind for another ingredient.

Ok. Now let us think about our problem. To think our problem, we have to be able to relax, when we are not ready enough to start it, close again our eyes, relax and imagine that we are looking at the sky, many stars there and full moon. Laying on the ground and the breeze wind makes our feeling better. Think about the universe, think that there is a really big man on the moon trying to get help but no one knows and hears his voice. Then we really want to help him, but we do not know how to get there. Even, we know that no one knows about him just ourselves. In that time, we will think that the one who can help him is himself. He is the key, no others.

Well, let us back to our situation. When we have problem, whether it is big or not, only we ourselves know well about it. How big a problem is really dependent on how we think. Let us take an example, there were two boys, second grade high school students, who had the same problem, no money to pay the school fee. The first boy decided to find a part time job, the second boy dropped out of school and started his own business by borrowing some money to the bank. After two years, the first boy succeeded to graduate from senior high school, meanwhile, the second one was still busy with his business and it seemed that he has forgot his school.

Recognizing this phenomenon, their teachers and the people around them started to give judgment to them. Almost all of them said that the first boy would have bright future as he had been able to solve his problem in his young age. And they thought that the second boy had chosen the wrong choice as he had chosen to drop out of school and worked. They thought that the second boy has failed in his study.

But, ten years later, there was news on TV about the young man who has an incredible experience in his life and at that time he was a master student in one of universities in Europe. He was the second boy they thought that he had failed. On TV, the boy told his story started from the first time he decided to leave his school and started to run his own business. He said that at that time he had no choice as besides supporting himself, he also supported his two younger sisters. That's why he chose to quit studying at school and earned his own living. He thought that by doing that, he would be able to help his younger sisters as well as himself. He thought that that way would make him more mature and made him know how to behave during running that business as he had to meet many people from many different background.

Without being known by the people around him and his teachers, the second boy continued his studying in another school, the cheap one, a year after he dropped out of his first high school. Then he got scholarship in one of university in Indonesia and got scholarship for his master degree in Europe.

After watching the news, the teachers and the people realized about the mistake they have made so far. It is not one side source that we can talk about someone, but many sides.

Now it has been clearly known that both boys have their own motivation, but with the different perspectives. And the differences come from the different background and responsibilities they have. One thing that we have to remember is that we have to keep moving on after we had taken our decision as long as it is good for us and for other people. Of course, it is aimed for positive thing.

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  1. i love that you are very positive and hopeful Mufy, and your story its amazing and for motivation, I reading your blog and come a lot of memories with our friends, was a really awesome days that now I remember,a big hug for you and is a pleasure read your blog again :D

  2. Thanks Catali. By the way, I haven't finished the article yet as I have lots of work to do now. Yes, you're right, I always remember the time when we were having conference together, 3 or 4 of us. Miss you all.